ARE 2019




  • Presentation videos of Are
  • Introduction videos to the World Championships 2019
  • TV commercial: 20 & 30 sec spots for Swedish and International Television
  • Internet advertising: longer version promoting Are and the World Championships to be used across all platforms
  • 3D Modeling of Are and the different race hills
  • Behind the scenes video series
  • Trailers, every semester to hype up the event to come
  • Information Videos
  • Profiles of the Swedish athletes
  • Highlights during the annual event in 2017, 2018 and the World Championships 2019
  • Short content for Instagram & Facebook
  • Dedicated graphic animations
  • Behind the scenes videos on the biggest stars to build your fan base
  • Show what is happening outside of the competition
  • Inform the public on the evolutions, the latest news
  • Concentrate on the things TV never shows
  • Present the faces behind the World Championships
  • Show how the event is getting prepared before, during and after the event
  • User Generated Content: Ask your fan base, your viewers to show their content of Are that will be used and shared on your channel.
  • Browse and retrieve content from the athletes, teams & federations
  • One of your biggest asset to promote your event are your national athletes and the FIS biggest stars
  • Profile all of the Swedish Athletes in Are, they will share the video and promote your event, build your fan base, attract attention to the upcoming World Championships.
  • Highlights per discipline/gender to wrap up the best of the action during your annual events
  • Bring your audience to see all of your content with the highlights
  • Manage YouTube channels and social media platforms to enhance your presence on the net
  • Short clips are effective to promote your event and your videos. Easy to watch, easy to share, this is how we promote all or our clips with teasers and best-of clips.

    During and off the event they are strong tools to please the young audiences who want quick and easy access to the best moments.

  • Trailers are an exceptional way to build crowds and excitement for your upcoming event
  • Use short videos to promote all of your content on the various social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, and more.
  • Ask your fan base to create content that will be used and distributed on your channel: their biggest crash, best moments, most beautiful shot of Are, etc…
  • Seventh Frame is a production company specialized in multimedia marketing solutions for the sports industry (International Federations, Event Organizers, World Tours, Sponsors, Athletes) and in sports events video coverage.

    Proven expertise in a wide range of sports disciplines played on every terrain and field of play in both outdoor and indoor venues.

    We present a modern vision of your sport, delivering the most exciting action and behind-the-scenes coverage.

    We work for all medias, adapting to the latest formats targeted to new and wider audiences.

    We give added value marketing solutions for sports federations, event organizers, host cities sponsors and sports fans on a global scale.

  • Seventh Frame has been working closely with International Federations, event organizers, World Tours, Sponsors, Teams, Brands and Athletes, to explain, promote, grow their sport and spirit.
  • Our modern way of story telling, bringing new angles, innovative content with a positive and fresh energy has led us to bring millions of viewers over Television and Internet programing.
  • We create modern graphic design for each of our clients, select the best music in accordance with the project and always challenge ourselves to find the latest style à la mode.
  • Our vision is to keep the youngest audience and new generations in focus with beauty shots, good music, short action segments… and in the meantime showcase the spirit of the sport, the personalities that live for their passion and share it to the world.
  • As long as every sport evolves we will keep explaining all the details of each and every disciplines. We have produced hundreds of videos and will keep looking into new ways to make people understand the specifics of each sport.
  • We’ve profiled dozens of athletes across the globe and every time, it was a new experience, a challenge and an exquisite meeting.
  • We’re always adapting to new filming and editing techniques, the evolution of programing format and the new way to promote your content.
  • We keep our crew small but versatile. Our film-makers can film, edit and deliver in order to stay highly cost efficient.
  • With the latest introduction of Skateboarding, Surfing and Climbing in next Olympic Games, Seventh Frame can induce its experience in extreme sports to help reach younger audiences.
  • Finally, we are currently working in expanding our shows to Art, Music, Culture, Documentary and Fictions, which could be a great added value to the Olympic Channel.
  • fis

    If you have any questions regarding our proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

    Seventh Frame would like to thank Are 2019 for their consideration and we look forward to contributing our skills and creativity to future collaborations.

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